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About Us

Creating personalized blankets with names and photos could be a super sweet and unique gift for your loved ones. Transform your favorite memories into a personalized photo blanket that will make you smile and keep you cozy. That's what we iPocketHug want to do——keep your unforgettable memories always fresh!

At iPocketHug, we offer a wide range of custom blankets as well as home cushions, pillows, robes and sleep comforters to meet all customers to the greatest extend. Soft, safe and eviromental-friendly high quality material with professional print or embroidery skills, we believe iPocketHug must be a great choice for you. 

ipockethug is honored to be a part of  LEONG GROUP CORPORATION an esteemed enfitvknown forits dedication to ouality and inovation. This afation strenethens our commitment to excelence and fuels our mission tocontinuously raise the bar in the industry

If you have any queries, Please contact with phone or email. We will reply soon.